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Program for Young Children


Our classes for young children are modeled after kindergarten programs in Germany.  Guided, creative play encourages language development and communication skills.  School and class festivities introduce the child to the German speaking community.


Spielkreis and Spielgruppe: German language knowledge required

Learning a language is second nature to two and three year olds. Preschoolers may begin the Spielkreisprogram at age 2 ½ and advance to the Spielgruppe class at age 3.  We teach our children through a variety of multi-sensory activities: expressive art, music, simple stories, rhythmic games and seasonal themes.  Parents are invited to participate in class and get a first- hand lesson on how to teach German to their young child during the week.


Kindergarten:  Morning program -  previous German required

Our immersion program is taught in German by native German-speaking teachers.  Children gain pre-literacy skills, explore topics of the world around them and express themselves artistically and musically.  Seasonal themes, songs, and stories all reinforce the child’s progress toward formal education in German.  Parent teaching during the week is required.


Vorschule: Morning Program - Previous German required

Our materials are designed to introduce and develop German language skills. At this grade level we emphasize communication. Our communicative approach to the German language and culture entails incorporating songs, poems, rhymes, and many group exercises that encourage creativity and independent learning. We develop pre-literacy skills with the program Sprachexpert and Minilück.


Deutschkreis I/II:  Afternoon Program -  No previous German required.

Children will learn the alphabet, their names, numbers, and some basic counting. The kids will learn to ask questions and practice phonetic exercises that will enhance their listening skills. They will also begin to learn basic writing, and acquire some core verb vocabulary. Learning German songs and customs will continue to be a primary activity at this level.





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