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Our Library


A vital part of language acquisition is reading. We are fortunate to offer a small but updated library for all age groups. Students, teachers and parents have access to our school library throughout the academic year. The library has a fine collection of German books, magazines and DVDs.  The library serves as one of the central meeting points on Saturday mornings together with a cup of coffee.

To facilitate the access to the students, our teachers also create a Bücherkiste (Box with selected books) with appropriate reading material for their classes.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Antolin reading program that provides points for completing a questionnaire after reading a book.  At the end of the year students will be awarded for their reading effort. Students are introduced to the program at an early age and continue through middle school.

The library holds fundraisers during the year. Funds are used to acquire new books, movies and software, and for special projects, such as upgrading equipment.

Visit Antolin and get to know our reading program. 

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