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High School: Oberstufe -Strong Background of German required


We have designed these classes for students with a strong background in German who are interested in improving their skills in order to study or work in Germany. While we are still focusing on grammar, vocabulary, oral presentations and writing skills, the students also explore the culture and history of German-speaking countries and get an insight into the Germany of today. These are important steps for preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam (AP) as well as the final German language exam Sprachdiplom DSD I and II. These prestigious exams are designed by the German Ministry of Education and satisfy the language requirements for entrance at German universities.


High School: Deutsch III und VI - Good Understanding of German


Prerequisite for this course is a good understanding of the German language. The course will advance your German language skills and help you to understanding of the cultures, values, attitudes, and traditions of the German-speaking countries.

At this level we review and expand the knowledge of the German language structure. The primary emphasis is to extend comprehension, communicative and writing abilities. As an intermediate communication and composition course students will be given many opportunities to improve their conversational skills by speaking and reading about specific topic such as friends, vacation, sport  and environment. The students will prepare for the AATG and A2 Exams of the German Sprachdiplom.


High School Beginner:  No Previous German required


The course will introduce teens to the German language and help to develop a general understanding of the cultures, attitudes and traditions of the German-speaking countries. We provide many opportunities for students to practice realistic German on topics dealing with everyday events. The materials and activities in this course are designed to introduce and develop German language skills in four areas: speaking, writing, listening, and reading.


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