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E-Learning through a Local Language School


As Houston is growing the German Saturday School is adapting to the changes of the city and the needs of its students.  Since the paste of life has become more hectic and schedules more difficult to keep, E-Learning has gained meaning in the field of language learning. This way students are able to keep up with their weekly studies, even when away. We offer as of 2016 Blended Learning Classes as well as Online only. The class schedules are being set accordingly to the availability of the participants and class sizes vary between 3-5 students per class. The Online Classes are held in a virtual live-time classroom and taught by our regular teachers who are trained and have experience with this new classroom enviroment.


Online courses:

A1 Beginner:  Starting date September, 7th    Mondays and Thursdays 6.30 - 8.00 pm


A2 Beginner:  Starting date September, 7th     Tuesdays, 6.00- 7.30 pm


A2 /B1:             Starting date September, 6th,   Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7.15 - 8.45 pm


C1:                    Starting date September, 7th,    Mondays and Thursdays, 7.00-8.30 pm

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