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Elementary: 1st - 5th grades advanced German required


Our immersion program is taught in German, by native German-speaking teachers. Our students learn to read fluently and to express themselves clearly in both written and spoken German.

The school uses the educational standards of the federal states of Germany for fulfilling the curriculum K-5. Our program Schulexpert, Basis, a certified teaching material for young children, is recommended by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and accompanies the students for 5 years. After successful completion of each grade students receive a report card (Zeugnis) that is recognized in Germany.


Elementary: Deutschkreis I and II- Basic German required


Prerequisites for the course: our Kinderkreis program or equivalent. The course will build on and advance the language skills.  We continue to develop a basic understanding of German cultures, values, attitudes and traditions of the German-speaking countries. Our teaching materials are designed to introduce and develop German language skills in four areas: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. At this grade level we continue to emphasize communication as well as attention to some basic formal accuracy.


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