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Beginner A1/A2


Adult level beginners focus on learning the basics of German pronunciation and comprehension. We are building grammar and conversation skills related to everyday topics such as the family, environment, shopping, daily routines and life in the German speaking countries. DSH is using the textbook "Menschen" which is tasked-based and designed after the  latest research in psychology and neurodidactics.  The class focuses on relevant topics of everyday  life.  A variety of media is being used in the typical classroom.  Students who successfully complete the course are invited to take the A1 level exam of the German Sprachdiplom.

The advanced beginners class focuses on more complex sentence structures and vocabulary fields of the daily routine. The program enables the students to communicate about their activities and routine life. In our virtual classrooms we use authentic materials to introduce our students to real life situations. The A2 level is reached within 1-2 years of studying and the participants are welcome to take the A2 Exam of the German Sprachdiplom as proof of their increasing language proficiency.







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